My World is the digital online portfolio of an upcoming digital designer and illustrator called Mister Wong. He is currently attending the school of digital art and computer design and is glad to show you his most recent work.

Digital Art Defined

Unlike classical art, digital art is a general phrase that encompasses all art that is created with digital technology.

From the 1970′s onwards, advances in digital computing power and digital technology has transformed the ability of different artists to employ their unique style.

Because artistic endeavors are costly transforming themselves, the advance of the computer age has allowed many varied in different forms of expression.

And the corporate world has embraced the use of digital art to further bolster their advertisements and their marketing campaigns. In fact, because modern technology in the digital realm is so cheap a buddy from the corporate executive to the hobbyist can use this new form of expression.

Even better, as computer processors become cheaper and cheaper even the average user will be able to employee extremely advanced computer graphics programs to create the most highest-quality artistic expressions possible.

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Digital Sculpting

Get that extra boost in motivation to keep you going in the gym.

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Resource Links


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